Neighborhood Networking

Every family needs a variety of supports and services to be confident and successful.  It is important that available resources and supports are well-coordinated and accessible to families in the communities in which they live.

Neighborhood/Community networking focuses on engaging and educating partners and promoting community involvement to strengthen families and create safety nets for children. In addition, Partnerships build linkages and relationships among professionals and informal support systems.   As Partnerships gain experience, and as additional resources become available, Partnerships initiate more structured responses to address community-identified needs.


Promote cooperation and form alliances to provide more accessible and relevant informal and professional supports, services and resources for families whose children are at risk of abuse and neglect.


  Increase awareness

  • Marketing materials/newsletters
  • Presentations and discussions
  • Community events

  Establish and maintain multiple linkages and relationships among informal and professional supports and resources.

  • Cross trainings
  • Ongoing opportunities for peer learning, information-sharing, and networking (e.g., monthly lunch and learns)
  • Joint planning efforts

  Develop an organized infrastructure of neighborhood and community groups, such as

  • Parent Partners
  • Circles of Support
  • Transitioning Youth
  • Neighborhood Hubs


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