Adair, Adams, Union, Clarke, Decatur, Lucas, Ringgold, & Wayne Counties


Parents and youth need to be full partners in shaping supports and services for themselves and their communities.

Children should be with their own families, whenever possible.

Families are stronger when all members, including caregivers, are safe from abuse.

There is no substitute for strong families to ensure that children and youth grow up to be capable adults.

Families need supportive communities to help them be strong and offer a sense of belonging.

Children can best be kept safe when families, friends, residents, and organizations work together as partners.

Services and supports need to be closely linked to the communities in which families live.

Government alone, through the Department of Human Services (DHS) agency, cannot keep children safe from abuse and neglect.

Efforts to reduce abuse and neglect must be closely linked to broader community initiatives and priorities.